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My name is Sheila Wenborne. The inspiration behind Aura³ magnetic therapy jewellery came from my own experience. Aura³ helped me achieve better health and wellbeing through magnets.

“Like many people, over the years I have suffered from nagging pains in my joints. But as I approached middle age other problems came to the fore. With the onset of menopause, like many women I was prescribed HRT. I had a bad reaction to such powerful medication. So, I decided to look into alternative solutions to my problem.”

UK jewellery Aura 3 magneticI tried various natural remedies to no avail. It was only when my 11 year old collie dog, Bob, was having major problems with his back legs that a friend recommended a magnetic collar. In desperation I bought one. Within hours I saw an improvement. Within days he was walking as normal. Within weeks he was running around like a pup.

It was only then it occurred to me. If magnets could help an animal, maybe they could help me.UK jewellery Aura 3 magnetic bubbles small

It sounds crazy to think of a magnet helping you get through the menopause. But it did. By simply placing a small magnet inside my underwear I began to feel and act like a young woman again. However the magnets I found were practical. But they were ugly to look at. They were also large and cumbersome.

Energetix was the answer to my prayers. Not only was the magnetic jewellery fashionable and attractive it was also extremely effective.

The more I researched the amazing power of magnets, the more success stories I heard from many satisfied customers. The more encouraged and determined I became to spread the word. I wanted to help as many people as possible to feel as happy and healthy as I do.

Stay well, keep healthy!

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Sheila WenborneAura3 Magnetic Jewellery Ambassador and independent distributor of Energetix products.

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