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Aura³ UK Magnetic Jewellery – What’s the truth about the healing power and benefits?

“A positive difference for human health.”
Thomas Skalak, professor and chair of biomedical engineering at the University of Virgina.

Aura3 UK Sheila Wenborne Magnet Heart bannerMagnets have been used for their healing properties since earliest times.  The Ancient Chinese were great advocators of there healing properties as were the Egyptians, so why aren’t magnets more widely used today? This is because magnetic healing has NOT been scientifically proven under clinical trial – That is until now.

Here is an excerpt from a paper published by the UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA USA.

Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets

“The FDA regulates specific claims of medical efficacy, but in general, static magnetic fields are viewed as safe,” notes Thomas Skalak. Professor Skalak has been carefully studying magnets for a number of years in order to develop real scientific evidence about the effectiveness of magnetic therapy.  He found that static magnets reduced swelling of muscle tissue by up to 50%.

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Professor Skalak’s laboratory leads the field in the area of microcirculation research – the study of blood flow through the body’s tiniest blood vessels.  With a five-year, $875,000 grant from the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Skalak and Cassandra Morris, former Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering, set out to investigate the effect of magnetic therapy on microcirculation.

Initially, they sought to examine a major claim made by companies that sell magnets: that magnets increase blood flow. The researchers first found evidence to support this claim through research with laboratory rats.  In their initial study, magnets of 70 milliTesla (mT) field strength—about 10 times the strength of the common refrigerator variety—were placed near the rat’s blood vessels.  Quantitative measurements of blood vessel diameter were taken both before and after exposure to the static magnetic fields—the force created by the magnets.

Morris and Skalak found that the force had a significant effect: the vessels that had been dilated, constricted, and the constricted vessels, dilated, implying that the magnetic field could induce vessel relaxation in tissues with constrained blood supply, ultimately increasing blood flow. Dilation of blood vessels is often a major cause of swelling at sites of trauma to soft tissues such as muscles or ligaments.  The prior results on vessel constriction led Morris and Skalak to look closer at whether magnets, by limiting blood flow in such cases, would also reduce swelling.  Their most recent research, published in the American Journal of Physiology, yielded affirmative results.

Aura3 Ring banner EnergetixSince muscle bruising and joint sprains are the most common injuries worldwide, this discovery has significant implications.   In the words of Professor Skalak, “If an injury doesn’t swell, it will heal faster—and the person will experience less pain and better mobility,”.

This means that magnets could be used in much the same way as ice packs and compression are now used for everyday sprains, bumps, and bruises, but with more beneficial results.  The ready availability and low cost of this treatment could produce huge gains in worker productivity and quality of life.

Skalak predicts magnets being particularly useful to high school, college, and professional sports teams, as well as school nurses and retirement communities.  He has plans to continue testing the effectiveness of magnets through clinical trials and testing in elite athletes.  A key to the success of magnetic therapy for tissue swelling is careful engineering of the proper field strength at the tissue location, a challenge in which most currently available commercial magnet systems fall short.

“We now hope to implement a series of steps, including private investment partners and eventually a major corporate partner, to realize these very widespread applications that will make a positive difference for human health,” says Professor Skalak.

Aura³© jewellery and accessories make enjoying the benefits of magnetic easy.

Aura3 Energetix UK MagnetSticks MAGNETIC WATER – 
Our bodies are made up of 70% water.  Water from the tap loses its natural magnetic force (which some would say contributes to many of our common illness today including excess acidity and bile in our digestive systems and bowels).  By drinking just 1-2 litres of magnetised water a day may calm some of the acidity in the body and doing so help with our digestive problems.

Magnetising your water couldn’t be easier.  All you need is an Aura³© Energetix magnetic stick, which is 2,000 Gauss.  Just leave the stick in the glass or jug for a minimum of 10 minutes and its ready. The magnets will neutralise the chemicals in the water, soften it and change the taste to that similar to that of fresh spring water at the same time.


Aura3 silver shop uk magnet water stick


Aura3 silver shop uk magnet water stick



I personally have a Energetix magnet stick in a water jug in the fridge, this is used daily to top up the dogs bowls as well as for our drinking water and once a week I water the plants.  I even have a magnet stick in my fish tank to help keep the water constantly alkaline.






aura3 dogMagnetic water can also be good for pets, we have a large steel pebble which can be placed in the animal’s drinking bowl or bucket – water will hold a magnetic charge for up to 3 days and magnets may have the same benefit for animals as they do for humans.

When can’t you wear a magnet;

If you wear anything electrical in the body, hearing implants, pacemakers, pain-relief etc.  The magnets will not harm the items but they may drain the battery.

We also advise against wearing a magnet if you are pregnant.  This is only because there could be a physiological change in the body and as yet there have been no tests done on pregnant woman to ascertain a positive or negative result.


Visit the Aura³ shop and see our full range of products – suitable for men, women and children.

Based entirely in the UK, Aura³ products are available to order from our shop. Our range of jewellery is themed for every body. We have a full range of men’s pieces, which prove popular with all ages. Especially for sportsmen. We have items to energise and fit around active life styles.

Aura³ for men:


Aura3 UK - Men's bracelet leather

ENERGETIX Jewellery – Men’s bracelet leather – magnetic

Men's two tone bracelet

Men’s bracelet – two tone – from ENERGETIX – with magnetic inserts

LEATHER IN FOCUS - Men's bracelet, necklace, pendant.

LEATHER IN FOCUS – Men’s bracelet, necklace, pendant.









Aura³  for women:

sunrise sunset Aura3 silver bangle ring pendant

ENERGETIX Jewellery – women’s bracelet with orange pink crystals, stainless steel. Ring, pendant and earrings to match.

Aura3 silver celtic ancient symbolism

ENERGETIX Jewellery – celtic counterpart for MagnetHeart with matching necklace pendant, thong bracelet and ring

Aura3 silver shop uk buddha hindu blue tassels

ENERGETIX Jewellery – turquoise tassel pendant earrings. Silver pendant and accessory.









Aura³  for children:

caterpillar pendant energetix aura3

Children’s jewellery pendant – caterpillar – other designs available.

Fairy pendant magnet Aura3 Energetix

Children’s jewellery pendant – fairy – other designs available.

Lucky charm bracelet Aura3 Energetix 1. The four-leaved clover, 2. The waving Maneki Neko cat, 3. The horseshoe, 4. The Tibetan knot, 5. The lucky pig, 6. The wishbone and 7. Fatima's hand.

ENERGETIX’s lucky-charm bracelet – seven international symbols of luck from around the world:

heart bangle Aura3 Energetix

Chidlren’s jewellery bangle bracelet – heart – silver tone stainless steel









Aura³  for sports people:


SPORTEX flexible wear for sport and fitness comfort. Bracelets and neckbands, all fitted with magnetic benefits.



Aura3 silver shop uk magnet strip

MAGNETSTRIP – can be worn concealed under clothing or on sleeves/lapels