Want to find out how to become an Independent Aura³ consultant?

Sheila Wenborne

Want to find out about becoming an Independent Energetix consultant for Aura³©? You’ve come to the right place!

Work from home with the support of one of the world’s largest direct sellers of Magnetic Therapy Jewellery.

Be your own boss and become a self-employed Independent Aura³ consultant.

You can work the way you want with flexible hours that suit you by joining Aura³ today.

For more information without obligation please send us an enquiry and one of our area managers will get back to you.

Sarah-Jane Smith

I was introduced to Aura3 and Energetix through Sheila directly as she is a family member. I had witnessed Sheila’s experience with magnets and the benefits she had observed firstly with her dog, Bob, and then more recently with her menopause problems, and it compelled me to learn more.

I loved the look and quality of the Energetix products and now I have a job that I really enjoy and most importantly can fit around my young children.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!
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Gina Davies

My children were growing up and I was looking to launch my own career when a friend suggested becoming an Energetix Independent Distributor. The same friend had recently been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Arthritis and following various therapies and medication suggested by specialists she found the only relief she got was from the Energetix magnetic jewellery and well-being products she’d started wearing. I was so impressed with the beautiful range of products Energetix had to offer I decided this was the occupation for me.

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