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Read all about Sheila Wenborne and her experiences with the menopause, how magnets helped, and why she launched Aura³ for others to benefit from Energetix magnetic jewellery and products.


Anne Diamond & Sheila

March 30th 2016

Sheila Wenborne talks to Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire – sex, the menopause and a good read! 

Sheila talks to Anne Diamond on her chat show, about life before, during and after the menopause,  hot flushes, fuzzy brain, the wrong hotel, and also hear from her husband, Joe, and hear what he thinks of the whole thing!

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Sheila Wenborne talks about sex and the menopause – East Anglian Times (Sunday 19th March 2016)

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Sheila Wenborne in The Courier – April 4th 2016

Sheila Wenborne the Courier

Terry Wogan – Children in Need Lunch, November 2015

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Aura³ were invited to attend Sir Terry Wogan’s Children in Need lunch on the 1st November. We felt very privileged to be selected to provide a beautiful Aura3 bundle which included an Energetix Bangle to all of the attendees and with a fantastic endorsement from Alan Dedicoat (the voice of the lotto and Strictly Come Dancing) plus a number of celebrities in attendance, were very proud to have been able to help this fantastic cause. Hundreds of thousands of pounds were raised for Pudsey at the lunch which became part of the fantastic £37 million total raised so far for Children in Need this year!


The Voices radio show from Age UK’s October 2015. Click below to listen !

Sheila radio interview for FB with catalogue images

East Anglian Times August 2nd 2015

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Woman Magazine June 2015

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The Daily Mail 17th May 2015

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Sheila Wenborne, ‘Queen of Magnets’ started after being helped by magnetic therapy whilst suffering menopause symptoms.

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The Sunday Mirror April 19th 2015

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The Maldon Standard May 13th 2015

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