Sheila’s Natural ‘Coaster Cream Combo’ for MATURE DRY SKIN


This pack contains one 50ml jar of cream for MEDIUM DRY SKIN and one Energetix magnetic coaster presented in an organza gift bag.

This represents a saving of £10.00 when buying these two items as a set!

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FREE SHIPPING OVER £40 SMALL 5CMSheila’s Natural ‘Coster Cream Combo’ for MATURE DRY SKIN 50ml

NB. This pack contains one 50ml jar of cream for MATURE DRY SKIN and one Energetix magnetic coaster presented in an organza gift bag.


By simply placing a jar of “Sheila’s Natural Cream” onto the specially designed Energetix magnetic coaster the results are truly amazing. 

The beautiful stainless steel Coaster, which boast’s four very powerful 0.18 Tesla neodymium magnets, will magnetize the cream enabling it to absorb into the skin far more quickly and effectively. The increased oxygen from the magnets makes the skin feel softer, smoother and unbelievably luxurious to the touch. It also has the added benefit of making the cream last longer.


The richest of Sheila’s Natural creams, this beautifully enriched silky cream is suitable for application both day and night for people with dry skin or those experiencing the effects of less collagen production. It is also suitable as a night cream for those with medium/dry or normal skin.

Using various oils which are recognized for their anti-aging, scar healing, anti-wrinkle, repairing of sun damaged skin and anti-inflammatory qualities this is an essential skin product for any women who has gone through or is experiencing the menopause.

The Energetix Magnetic Coaster, when placed under the Sheila’s Natural Creams, enhances the qualities of the cream making it more easily absorbed into the skin, giving the lotion additional magnetic benefits.

There are many benefits from magnetic therapy – take a look around our website for the range of fantastic products on offer. There is something for everyone; men, women, sports people, even your pets. We also boast a fantastic well-being range.

Energetix Magnetic Coaster £37.00
Sheila’s Natural Cream for Normal Skin £36.67
Coaster Cream Combo for NORMAL skin – £53.73

Your saving=£19.94!

All Sheila’s Natural creams are plant-based and 100% vegan and contain Safflower & Vitamin E oils.

Vitamin E is used for its known classic antioxidant qualities, comprising a mixture of alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols which are 100% natural protection against the destruction of the connective tissues caused by free radicals of the skin. Cold pressed Safflower oil is used because of its high linoleic qualities containing essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which provide a good base that is opulently silky rather than ‘sticky’.

All Sheila’s Natural range is lovingly made right here in the UK and has the added bonus of being packaged in beautiful reusable glass jars.

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