Looking after sensitive skin during pregnancy

Mrs H Sheila's Natural Products review
by Mrs H | May 25, 2016 | Fashion & Beauty, Pregnancy after miscarriage

I have extremely sensitive skin and there have been many times when I have had an allergic reaction to a product that claimed to be hypoallergenic.
As I have got older my skin has become even more sensitive and now, in my late 30’s, I’ve developed rosacea. A skin condition that leads to a reddening of the face. It also often leads to my skin feeling sore and itchy, with nasty spots.
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I have been suffering with increasingly sensitive skin since the first trimester. My rosacea has also been worse and I have often gone to bed with a hot, sore and red face.

After a particularly sore rosacea flare-up I decided that I needed to re-assess my skincare. I wanted to start using products that were suitable for my hypersensitive and hormonal skin. Read more…

Sheila’s Natural Products Review

Raise The Waves | Monday, 20 June 2016

It probably comes as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I love a good natural product. While I occasionally gravitate towards the convenience of easily accessible products that are commonly found in supermarkets and high street chains, I much prefer to slather a natural product on my skin. I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs of various ingredients but I do know my skin usually feels a lot better when I’ve used a product that’s free from chemicals I can’t pronounce.

The moisturiser aimed at medium/dry skin contains starflower, safflower and hempseed oils which are believed to ease the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and acne. I’m currently in the middle of a minor eczema flare up… Read more…

Raise The Waves Sheila's Natural Products review

Sheila’s Natural Products

Crystal and Vanilla Sheila's Natural Products review
Crystal and Vanilla | By Jo | 22nd June 2016

Sheilas Natural Products are just that, all natural! These beautiful handmade balms and bars are 100% organic and suitable for vegetarians.

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, paraben free, non GM, no animal testing!

So natural, they are also food safe!

I’m a jewellery maker and my hands suffer a great deal, so I was delighted when I was asked if I’d like to review some of Sheilas Natural products.

I choose the Chamomile range and I would be testing them out on my hands.

These delightful little balms and bars are blended with oils, butters and beeswax that are chosen for their healing properties. Read more…

Fashion and Style Police Sheila's Natural Products review

Product Review | Sheila’s Natural Cream & Veet Hair Removal Cream

Fashion and Style Police | June 21, 2016

I had the pleasure of reviewing two products in the last couple of days and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. I have been using this Sheila’s Nourishing Face Cream for Normal skin, for a few weeks now, and I like it. It is all I thought it would be and more.

Here is the product description: A Light silky non-greasy face cream, perfect for youthful & normal skin. This is a delightfully light cream which is slowly absorbed and ideal for younger skins making it a perfect base under makeup as well as a nourishing night cream. Containing organic sweet almond oil and safflower it improves the skins suppleness, softness and smoothness and perfectly compliments the natural glow and beauty of youthful skin. Read more…

Review | Hand made beautiful face creams from Sheila’s Natural Products

August 2016 | Empty Nesting

I rarely promote products in my blogs but Sheila Wenborne’s natural creams and balms are a range worth telling everyone about.

“Sheila’s” is a 100% British plant based skin care range, handmade and completely devoid of parabens and suitable for vegans. They all contain Vitamin E which is known for its antioxidant qualities which give natural protection against the destruction of the connective tissues caused by free radicals. All the ingredients are sourced from renewable sources.

Her hand balm is brilliant for protecting my hands from the rigours of gardening. It is like a small bar of soap, which you use as if it was soap, but without water. It works really well to protect chapped and dry hands from gardening and general household chores. I’ve also used it with good results on elbows, heels and dry shins.
Read more…

Fashion and Style Police Sheila's Natural Products review