Sheila Wenborne Testimonials: Sheila spoke to customers of Aura³’s UK Shop.

Some tried jewellery, others the magnetstrip, bandage or water sticks. Here’s what they told Sheila about their experiences…

I found out about Sheila’s Cream just at the perfect time, the time when the weather was changing and my psoriasis, usually just in my scalp, started to appear on my forehead. A friend had introduced me to the cream and I thought why not give it a go, anything and everything is worth it. And how happy I am that I did try it because the cream is beautiful not only in its scent but also in its texture!

The cream worked an absolute treat on my psoriasis almost instantly and I even preferred the way my make-up looked after applying the cream. It’s needless to say that I would definitely recommend Sheila’s cream (medium dry skin) to anyone with the same skin condition or just simply with medium dry skin!

Jess, Essex.

Sheila Wenborne Testimonials
Sheila Wenborne testimonials

I was having problems with my knees. A friend suggested I tried magnet therapy jewellery. I started wearing the bracelet I purchased through Aura³ website.

The pain in my knees has disappeared and my movement is markedly improved.

Lorraine Russell

I have always been a very active woman. At the age of 83 my knee became painful and swollen. I couldn’t walk properly. I rejected the advice of my doctor. I chose to wear the Energetix Magnet Bandage from Aura³’s webshop. It changed my life. I now walk my dogs for at least 2 miles every day with ease. I do 3 aqua aerobics classes per week. You won’t believe this, but it really is true. Thanks for showing me these beautiful and therapeutic products. I feel so much more energised. Pat Smith

Sheila Wenborne testimonials

I read your article in the newspaper about how magnets changed your life. I had just had a hysterectomy at the age of 45 and within one week started having the most intense hot flushes; these flushes would occur any time of day and night. This was affecting my sleep as I kept waking up in very hot flushes, sweating. Due to having a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in 2002, I was advised that I couldn’t take HRT tablets and had to look for another way to stop the hot flushes. I was hesitant about if wearing a magnet would work but I was willing to try anything. My husband was ready to buy me which ever bracelet I wanted from the wide range of selection, I choose a small string bracelet and after putting it on within a day I started noticing the change in my hot flushes, to the point I can honestly say it has cut the hot flushes by a whopping 90% and if I am also careful what I eat then that 90% can be raised to 95%. I am so impressed, only today I was back on the website looking for my 2nd bracelet so that I have a choice each day. All I can say is it is amazing, and thank you for telling your story.

Tracey Whistlecraft

Sheila Wenborne testimonials

Hi Sheila, I read your article last weekend & was so impressed. I, myself, had cancer last year & had radical radiotherapy & chemotherapy. I can only say that this treatment did bring me to my knees, but I was fortunate to have much love & support from my husband, family & friends who really did love me through my treatment. I am happy to say I was given the all clear last September. Obviously, the treatment has taken its toll on my body, andI have gone from strength to strength. But I just have never felt in full health since, just getting there gradually. After reading your article I decided to invest in the heart. I thought, ‘If it works fantastic, but if it doesn’t, I haven’t really lost much.’ WOW WOW WOW…! I received my heart on Friday 22nd May. I had an evening of over indulgence of the alcoholic kind on Friday evening. I expected to be suffering yesterday, as I usually suffer really badly. Hello! No hangover! What’s going on? Woke up this morning, and actually went for my first run in a long time (previously the mind has been willing but the body unable). Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so good & this is only after 3 days.

Kind Regards, Sharon Hall

http://www.aura.energetix.tvSheila's Natural Products organic skincare

Dear Sheila, Thank you so much. I bought a ring from you about 2 months ago and it’s brilliant. I was having quite a few hot flushes during the day and in the night, which meant I was hardly getting any sleep. I saw a magazine in which you spoke about magnetic jewellery, so I looked at your website and bought a ring. During the first week I had less hot flushes, and now they have nearly stopped altogether.

So, I just wanted to say thank you so much – I now get a full night’s sleep! Just one more thing, I started wearing the ring on my right hand, but I got bitten on that finger, so I swapped it to my left hand. After a day I noticed that I had started getting more hot flushes again. So as soon as the bite had gone I returned the ring back to my right hand, and the hot flushes have virtually stopped.

Many Thanks,

Christine Jones

Sheila Wenborne testimonials

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“My sister purchased a magnet from you in May at the garden fair in Detling. She was suffering with terrible hot sweats, not sleeping at night, and mood swings – well, we wont go there!

After two weeks of wearing the Magnet, her husband asked if she was on any new medication, as she was a different person. She now sleeps at night, the sweats are much less, and she has become fun to be around again. And she is much calmer. She has also lost 1/2 a stone in weight. My sister and I are now hoping for the same results. Thank you for giving me my big sister back.”

Julie Willis – Nurse Prescriber, Pencester Surgery

Hi Sheila, My mother bought a magnet for me with your book & one for herself along with a bracelet. Mine was to help with anxiety & panic attacks that were heightened by my hormones a week before menstruation.

I have to say I’ve worn the magnet all the time andA have gradually improved in health to the point of not suffering anxiety and panic at all. I have been able to cut down my Escitalopram to 5mg a day which, my doctor has said is nothing and I hope to stop it all together in a couple of months. I’ve had more energy, felt more positive and have been sleeping very well.

Today I’ve not felt so good, with my old symptoms starting to return and as the day has gone on I have felt more anxious, restless, shaky and afraid to be on my own…. Then I realised that I’d forgotten to wear my magnet! I’m emailing you to share this because I cannot believe the powerful effect that wearing a magnet had had on my life and to thank you for the work that you do!

Best wishes, Bev, Suffolk

Sheila's Natural Products organic skincare
Sheila Wenborne testimonials

I really enjoyed hosting my recent Aura 3 party at my home. Sheila and Emma were extremely friendly and professional when they arrived to set up and continued in this vein for the evening.

The presentation was informative and informal and we were able to ask any questions throughout. All of my guests bought something although there was no pressure at all. I enjoyed choosing my free gift as a result! I would definitely recommend hosting an Aura 3 party for a sociable and fun evening with health benefits too!

Tanya Belal

I started wearing my magnetic bracelet a few week ago, having met Sheila at a business networking group and found the concept of using magnetic therapy to assist with so many things including the relief of pain very interesting. (I prefer to try alternate therapies before rushing to the medicine cabinet). Having endured aching muscles as a result for my active lifestyle and commitment to a disabled relative, I found that once I started wearing my magnetic bracelet, the aches and pains eased.

Moreover, I then had to purchase a magnetic bracelet for my mother, who whilst getting off a train twisted her ankle quite badly. Having worn my bracelet for the duration of her stay with me (1 week) she declared that not only had it helped with the pain from her ankle but the arthritis in her fingers also felt much better.

I have since bought a further body magnetic and would recommend that anyone a least give these products a try and see if they work for you. I must stress that I use them alongside conventional medication when necessary.

Elicia Wisdom

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The most popular product for women suffering MENOPAUSE symptoms is the MAGNETHEART. It can be worn visibly as a beautiful piece of jewellery. It can also be worn discreetly.

aura3 magnetheart
Aura3 Energetix Magnetheart counterpart
Aura3 Energetix Magnetheart counterpart
Aura3 Energetix Magnetheart counterpart

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