Read all about Sheila Wenborne and her experiences with the menopause, how magnets helped, and why she launched Aura³ for others to benefit from Energetix magnetic jewellery and products.

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Essex author Sheila Wenborne popped into the Drivetime studio the other day to talk about her debut book.

‘So…That’s Why I’m Bonkers!’ is humourously described as “a girl’s guide to surviving the menopause”. As Sheila tells Ros Connors, it is all drawn from personal experience.

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Daily Mirror Sheila Wenborne Aura3

The Daily Mirror

July 5th 2016 – When author Sheila Wenborne hit 52 and started feeling as if she’d “been taken over by aliens“ – dizzy, constantly hot, depressed, fat and off sex – she was shocked when her GP told her it was all down to the menopause.
In this extract from her guide to surviving the change – So… That’s Why I’m Bonkers! – Sheila gives her insightful and often hilarious advice on how women can navigate their way through…

What is the menopause? The menopause is the end of fertility, when our ovaries stop producing an egg every four weeks. It may not make the most sophisticated dinner party conversation, but it’s definitely the big topic of discussion among women of a certain age, usually while fanning themselves.

“Oh, another hot flush, must be my age,” they say, dismissing the feeling they’d been set alight by a stray firework. But then it gets more serious. After three months of no sleep, anxiety attacks and palpitations, women begin to worry that it’s not the menopause – that they’re actually dying.

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Daily Mirror Sheila Wenborne Aura3Buy So that's why I'm bonkers on Amazon, by Sheila Wenborne

BBC Radio Essex

March 22nd 2016 – Sheila Wenborne talks to Tony Fisher on BBC Radio Essex – libido, the menopause and what really happened to that lamp…? Sheila talks to Tony about life before, during and after the menopause,  and do men get it too? Funny stories and tales of a menopausal woman who survived, and so did her husband! Click to read more...

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tony fisher menopause sheila wenborne radio essex bbc
express newspaper menopause sheila wenborne

The Express

Feeling hot? Here’s how you survive those menacing menopause symptoms.

Top tips from Sheila Wenborne, author of ‘So, That’s Why I’m Bonkers… A Girl’s Guide to the Menopause’, and founder of Aura3.

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BBC Radio Berkshire

Sheila Wenborne talks to Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire – sex, the menopause and a good read! 

Sheila talks to Anne Diamond on her chat show, about life before, during and after the menopause,  hot flushes, fuzzy brain, and the wrong hotel.

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anne diamond sheila wenborne radio berkshire
east anglian times

East Anglian Times

Sheila Wenborne talks about sex and the menopause… Click to read more…

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The Courier

Sheila’s book takes a humorous look at how to manage the menopause.

Top tips from the author!

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BBC Children In Need

Hundreds of thousands of pounds were raised for Pudsey at the lunch which became part of the fantastic £37 million total raised so far for Children in Need this year!

Find out what Sheila and the team got up to when you read more here…

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BBC Children in need
The Voices

Age UK – Voices Radio show

Sheila Wenborne talks sex and the menopause with Nicky Kidner.

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East anglian times sheila wenborne

The East Anglian Times

What do a dog, the menopause and a magnet have in common? Confused………?! Find the answer here…

Rescue A Pet

Sheila Wenborne gives her dog a second lease of life with magnetic therapy!

Could a magnet be the natural answer to your health problems?

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Rescue a pet
woman magazine

Woman Magazine

Sheila Wenborne talks about how her life changed during the menopause, and how she overcame the symptoms naturally.

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DAILY MAIL sheila wenborne

The Daily Mail

Magnets and the menopause – Sheila Wenborne explains how she started to feel better without the need for medical intervention!

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Sunday Mirror

Mood so bad your husband wants a tin hat?

Don’t suffer in silence… Read how Sheila overcame her symptoms without medication, and hear her advice.

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Sunday Mirror
Maldon standard

The Maldon Standard

“Magnets saved my marriage!”.


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