Barrier Bar 65g




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The ultimate barrier bar for protecting hard working hands before they go to work. Ideal for gardeners, mechanics, domestic chores and any environment where alcohol based or stringent products are used. So natural, it’s also food safe. Apply as if using soap without water and feel the difference immediately. No more chapped, dry, blemished or abraded skin, just baby so smoothness. Can also be used as preparation for sandal ready feet, rough elbows and knees and can even help create a barrier to protect age-affected, wafer thin skin… The list is endless. Banish dryness for ever.

All Sheila’s Natural beautiful barrier bars are 100% organic and suitable for vegetarians. As with the creams, they are non GM, non animal tested and the ingredients are carefully sourced from renewable sources.

All Sheila’s Natural range is lovingly made right here in the UK and has the added bonus of being packaged in beautiful reusable glass jars.

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